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Whatfs New
@Apr. 2017 Topics
@(Management Issues)

@USA - Trump Policy Impact Analysis:
@yQz What is the significance of
@ @@ Trumpfs trade policies that lean
@ @@ toward protectionism ?

@yQz So what can companies do to deal
@ @@ with US protectionism ?

@yQz What are the challenges of
@ @@ relocating ?

@yQz So where are some good places to
@ @@ locate in the US ?

@yQz How about tax reforms ?
@yQz Which indicators should we watch to
@ @@ gauge the state of US
@ @@ economic growth ?

@yQz So what would investors focus on
@ @@ when comparing companies ?

@Apr. 2017 New Service:
@Through our US-based advisor,
@we start an advisory service for firms
@setting up, or expanding their presence,
@in the US.
@We aim to contribute toward enhancing
@your corporate value by pivoting
@a key global market.

@Apr. 2017 New Advisor:
@Terry Einig, US Project Advisor
@With a wealth of experience
@in major real estate projects and corporate
@development, his particular strengths are
@marketing and forging strategic

@Mar. 2017 New Service:
@We start a private equity financing
@support service through our alliance partner.
@We can tailor private placements to meet your funding needs.

@Feb. 2014@Topics:
@Significance of US Shale Revolution
@yQz What do people understand by
@ @@ the shale revolution?

@yQz What, then, is the global economic impact ?
@yQz What will the US experience ?
@yQz Which industries stand to benefit the most ?
@yQz What changes will occur in the export
@@ @ landscape for@ these key industries ?

@yQz Where will the new US jobs be created ?
@yQz What has made all this possible in the US ?
@yQz How will all this add up ?
@yQz What is the implication for
@@@@global investor relations ?

@Mar. 2013 New Service:
@We start an IR road show support service
@through our London advisor. We can arrange
@meetings with key investors on a tailor-made
@basis in major financial centers across

@Nov. 2012 Topics (Risk Management)
@Country Risk Revisited:
@yQz What is country risk ?
@yQz Is country risk on the rise worldwide ?
@yQz Which country may be considered low risk ?
@yQz What should companies consider before
@@@@investing overseas ?

@Oct. 2012 Topics (Macro Economy)
@IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings
@in Tokyo @(Oct. 2012)

@Analysis of communique as onsite observer:
@yQz What was the general message on the
@@@@global economy ?

@yQz What is the significance of the IMFfs
@@@@downward revisions in economic growth ?

@yQz So what is the advice from the IMF ?
@yQz What are other pressing issues ?
@yQz What needs to be done about the ripple
@@@@effects from a weak economy ?

@yQz What is the message at the corporate level ?
@yQz How about financial markets ?
@yQz In the years ahead, where can we expect
@@@@strong growth ?

@Sep. 2012 Topics (Finance & Accounting)
@IFRS Update on Change in IAS 19
@(Pension Valuation Disclosure on
@ Post-employment Benefits):

@yQz What is the significance of the revision?
@yQz How were pension valuations disclosed up
@@@@ to now ?

@yQz In detail, what will be banned ?
@yQz How will this misrepresentation be rectified ?

@Jun. 2012 Topics (Macro Economy)
@Long-term Vision:
@yQz How can Japan address unfavorable
@@@@demographics and an unbalanced budget ?

@yQz How should Japan face free trade deals ?

@Apr. 2012 Topics (ESG)
@Japan at a Crossroad \
@Path to Sustainable Economic Growth:

@yQz What lessons can we learn from Japan in the
@@@@wake of the 2011 nuclear disaster ?

@yQz Looking ahead, how should Japan repair
@@@@its reputation ?
@yQz What is the next step after Japan regains a
@@@@positive image ?

@yQz What should the grand vision focus on ?
@yQz How about energy policy ?
@yQz What should Japan consider in arriving at the
@@@@best mix ?
@yQz In detail, what kind of factors are there at
@@@@arriving at a best mix ?

@yQz Despite the hype, renewable sources are not
@@@@efficient ?
@yQz What happens if nuclear power reactors are
@@@@abandoned ?
@yQz What are the non-financial costs of
@@@@abandoning nuclear power ?

@Jul. 2011 Topics (Finance & Accounting)
@Inflation Impact and Related Problems:
@yQz Why should we think about inflation ?
@yQz What factors are fueling inflation ?
@yQz How should companies deal with inflation ?
@yQz How are reported figures distorted by
@@@@ inflation ?

@yQz How does inflation affect future activities ?
@yQz What might be the impact on the economy
@@@@from such distortions ?

@yQz Does IFRS make it mandatory to reflect
@@@@inflation ?
@yQz So, there are problems with IFRS in reporting
@@@@inflation adjusted figures ?

@yQz What are the deficiencies in IFRS ?

@Mar. 2011 Topics (Risk Management)
@Crisis Management:
@The Great East Japan Earthquake
@(March 11, 2011):
@To all those afflicted by the earthquake and
@ tsunami in northeast Japan, we convey our
@heartfelt sympathy.
@We pray for a speedy restoration of business
@operations for all companies affected worldwide.
@yQz What is most important for companies post-
@@@@disaster ?

@yQz What is the first step ?
@yQz What kind of information should be disclosed ?
@yQz In detail, what do you mean ?
@yQz What else will investors want to know ?
@yQz Will investors question the existing business
@@@@ model ?

@Feb. 2011 Topics (Finance & Accounting)
@Significance of IFRS:
@[International Financial Reporting Standards]:
@yQz How will the global economy benefit from
@@@@ IFRS ?

@yQz How will IFRS affect companies ?
@yQz Who will be the winners under IFRS ?
@yQz How about language ?
@yQz How will business plans change ?
@yQz How will IFRS be different from existing
@@@@accounting standards ?

@yQz How will key management ratios change ?
@yQz How will human resource policy be affected ?
@yQz How will IFRS affect global investors ?
@yQz How should organizational culture change
@@@@unde IFRS ?

@yQz How will IFRS affect cross-shareholdings ?
@yQz What should companies do to minimize the
@@@@impact from sales of cross-shareholdings
@@@@stemming from IFRS adoption ?

@Jan. 2011 Topics (Macro Economy)
@Significance of Macro Factors:
@yQz Why should companies consider macro
@@@@factors ?
@yQz Would currency fluctuations come under
@@@@macro factors ?

@yQz How about concentrations in certain
@@@@ countries ?

@Nov. 2010 @New Service:
@We start IFRS impact study advisory service
@through our @Certified Public Accountant.

@Sep. 2010 @New Service:
@We start a financial and management advisory
@service through our Certified Public Accountant.

@Aug. 2010 New Advisor:
@Takashi Anada, a Certified Public Accountant.

@Jul. 2010 Topics (ESG)
@Significance of ESG Related Factors:
@yQz What can we learn from the recent
@@@@financial crises ?

@yQz Will labor policy become important ?
@yQz How about corporate social responsibility ?

@Feb. 2010 Topics (Management Issues)
@Capital Changes:
@yQz What impact does a huge capital increase
@@@@ (through new stocks) have ?

@M&A Related:
@yQz What is behind nonpublic transactions, such
@@@@as private placements and
@@@@ cross-shareholdings ?

@yQz How about hostile takeovers by undesirable
@@@@funds ?
@yQz How about poison pills (=defensive measures
@@@@to prevent hostile takeovers) ?